September 27th, 2014 by dsteranko

This month our site was hacked and hijacked. After the initial frustration and anger subsided, I was able to learn about myself and how we have all changed in this world. There were many who began to question if Silver Linings was a real company, were we trustworthy, would they be protected. I completely understand all of those questions when you are entering into an arrangement where every step of the way is a walk of trust. Our clients need to trust us, that we are honest about the information we provide, that we will administer their accounts with responsibility and accountability, and that we will be beside them all of the way through the process. Our donors and surrogates need to trust that we will support them, keep them physically safe, pay them what they are owed, and again – be beside them all of the way through this process.

What we learned is that our world is changing – a website doesn’t guarantee anything. In this industry there have been many instances of wrong doing, all by companies and individuals who had pretty websites. It really comes down to the fact that we need to learn about the people behind the site, talk with others who have worked with them, talk to their clinical references. Our wish for you all to trust yourself and the feeling that you have when you are working with anyone.

And yay, our site is back up!!

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