Process of Selecting a Surrogate

  1. 1

    APPLY- Complete the Intended Parent application and retain Silver Linings

  2. 2

    REVIEW- Take the time to read and review the surrogate profiles presented

  3. 3

    MEET- A meeting is scheduled for you and your potential surrogate – this is done via phone, Skype, or in person depending on your location

  4. 4

    MATCH– Both you and your surrogate decide you would like to work together and move to the legal and medical screening phase.

About being an Intended Parent

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The importance of relationships is one of Silver Linings founding beliefs. When you are an intended parent with Silver Linings, we take the time to get to know you, what your expectations are about the process and the journey, and how we can make that happen. Our gestational surrogates reside in surrogate friendly states, ensuring a smooth legal process after the birth of your child; a dedicated staff manages the expense reserve and maintaining compliance with your negotiated contract; and we pride ourselves on the number of surrogates who return to us for their next match.