When a recipient makes the determination to explore the option of egg donation, it is important they feel protected and advocated through the entire process.  Each necessary step should be outlined with any agency they find a donor through.  Making sure to understand the financial implications and risks is an imperative piece as well.  The steps for donor selection are outlined below:

1.  Request a username and password through the Silver Linings Agency website.

2.  A copy of the financial agreement is emailed to the email address supplied with the request.  If a copy is not received, please check your bulk mail or spam folder.

3.  Log on to the registry and view the donor profiles and their photos.

4.  Inquire about donor availability.  At this point, some idea of the clinic’s cycle timing will need to be known.

5.  Once donor availability is confirmed, should the recipient wish to move forward, the financial agreement will need to be returned along with payment of half of the agency fee.

6.  The balance of the agency fee and the donor insurance is due to Silver Linings Agency once the donor has been clinically cleared for a cycle.

7.  Any remaining funds due to Silver Linings are to be paid within 30 days of the beginning of the cycle.