Change is Hard

February 4th, 2014 by dsteranko

I am here to set the record straight, I think that change is hard. Now, I know that they say change is good for you and I do believe that. They also say through change comes growth – yep, I am down with that as well. What “they” don’t tell us is that it is HARD!! 2013 brought about so many changes – both personally, professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt like wherever I turned, hey there was another opportunity for growth. But you know all of that growth can just be overwhelming and make you want to lie in your bed and watch reruns of HGTV House Hunters – you know you watch it…. When I was struggling with my fertility I was always faced with yet one more thing. I found out more about my body and what new test we could run, than I can remember. And through it all, everyone said, I would think back on this time once I was successful and had a child, and I wouldn’t remember it. I do remember all of the change and growth, and I wear it proudly because I believe that I get to do just that, walk with my clients on their path, remind them of their hope, and try to get through it all with a bit of a smile.

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