About Silver Linings

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Silver Linings is an Egg Donor and Gestational Surrogate Agency. It is our pleasure to work with clients from across the globe as they strive to start their family or add to it.

After working in the industry since 2003, as well as being fertility patients, we are intimately familiar with the challenges facing clients on this journey. We use this experience to guide our clients toward a positive, successful outcome.

Silver Linings Agency was created to change the face of egg donor and gestational surrogate agencies. It is an opportunity to return to the focus of why each of us entered this industry – to help people create or add to their family. It is our goal to make the client the focus and create programs and do what we need to do to help our clients get to the goal. We are committed to our clients and are in it for the duration, whatever we need to do.

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  • Trust…

    This month our site was hacked and hijacked. After the initial frustration and anger subsided, I was able to learn about myself and how we have all changed in this world. There were many who began to question if Silver Linings was a real company, were we trustworthy, would they be protected. I completely understand […]


    Commitment – what I wish that on all of my clients – growth, vibrancy, vitality, and COMMITMENT! One of the things that I realize is that I have to commit to this blog, that anything else…is well, LAME! So, I commit to tagging relevant articles and posting a blog at least once a week. I […]